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Child Custody | Support

When confronted with a divorce and child custody case in Arizona, life as you now know it will be changing. Degnan Law is here to help you to be fully prepared for those changes. As your guide through the legalities in this life-changing process, as divorce attorneys our job is to bring clear direction and counsel through the divorce and child custody proceedings.


Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance, better known as “alimony” or “spousal support”, can be understood as court-ordered support paid by one spouse to the former spouse in the divorce or legal separation. The court determines the amount by taking into account a variety of finance and work-related issues pertaining to both parties.

Property | Asset Division

When family law attorneys assist in dividing marital property in Arizona divorce or legal separation, this refers to both assets and debts. However, whether it be a large or small estate, it must be split when the marriage is dissolved. In Arizona, the marital estate – all property of any kind acquired during the marriage – is owned by the “community”, or the spouses.


In the unfortunate event that a former spouse fails to pay their spousal support obligation, remedies are available. When issues arise after a divorce, Degnan Law can offer advice and counsel to help you navigate post-judgment litigation. If an ex-spouse is refusing to pay the agreed upon or Court-ordered alimony, we can help you file an application with the Court seeking enforcement of the support obligation.


We are often asked what is a Family Law Attorney?

Our attorneys help solve problems relating to the following: 

  • Divorce/dissolution of marriage
  • Custody and visitation/parenting plans
  • Establishment of paternity
  • Division of marital property
  • Alimony and child support
  • Relocations and modifications
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Domestic violence
  • Wills and powers of attorney
  • Department of Children and Families issues


Unfortunately, child support issues can impact the entire family in negative ways. Whether the negotiated amount is insufficient, parties are not able to come to agreement over the terms, or one parent is neglecting to make court-ordered payments, these can all lead to much duress and hardship on all involved.


Laws regarding alimony, or spousal support, are prone to change, but the major factors that go into determining alimony still remain:

  • Are you in need of alimony?
  • What is your spouse’s ability to pay alimony?
  • How long have you been married?
property-asset division


The idea behind equal division of community property in a Community Property state such as Arizona is that during a marriage, property is owned equally. From this it would make sense that in a divorce, all assets would be divided equally among the parties. However, Arizona is an equal division state, which means that they adhere to the equal division of community property — to an extent.


With the many complications involved in divorce, there are a variety of scenarios where enforcement of what has been ordered by the courts becomes a necessary reality. At Degnan Law, we can help you understand and implement the enforcement actions needed to ensure the court requirements are maintained and your children are cared for.


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